Introduction to Stonewater Bay

Sitting at the eastern edge of the Windy Sea, Stonewater Bay is the heart of the greater Standelm region.

A mixture of bustling port towns, open prairies, rocky valleys and the foothills of the Aldwynne mountains, Stonewater Bay still has the feel of a wild frontier.

From traders and landowners to tourists and bandits, people flock to Stonewater Bay. Some try to make a life for themselves; some hope to carve their own niche and make some gold; others come looking for adventure and danger.


Once two villages separated by a tributary, Greyglass is now a bustling port town of two halves, joined by a bridge. Named for the calm waters of it's harbour, Greyglass' economy relies heavily on the import and export of goods and people, and is a popular hub for travellers in the region.

Greyglass has two temples – one on each 'side' of town. There are about 30 members of the clergy of varying rank, overseen by 2 ordained, high-ranking priests (one at each temple).

There are around 40 town guard in Greyglass, which has a general population of 4185.

Chortan's Ridge


Introduction to Stonewater Bay

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